Albuquerque firefighters receive pet oxygen mask donation


If a home catches fire, Albuquerque firefighters have a new way to save the four-legged members of the family affected.

Sacramento Metropolitan Fire District


Two-Alarm Fire Causes Major Damage to Seven Apartments.

Hanover Township teen provides 50 pet oxygen masks to first responders


“I saw a fire on the news where animals were involved, and my mom and I were talking, and we found out many departments didn’t have the pet oxygen kits to help animals in house fires,” Jakub wrote in an email Tuesday.

Man's best friend gets life-saving assistance


When the Coventry Fire Department responded to a structure fire on Hyacinth Avenue on April 14, firefighters were prepared not only to battle the blaze, but to lend a helping hand to man's best friend.

Sisters-Camp Sherman Fire District Receives Donation of Pet Oxygen Masks


Sisters-Camp Sherman firefighter/paramedics could have used the kit last summer when a chinchilla was injured during a house fire in the Crossroads Subdivision.

Pet oxygen recovery masks designed to help animals after a fire


It’s a moment no firefighter wants to come across when searching through a burning home — the sound of a trapped dog barking for help or the discovery of a frightened cat hiding under a bed.

Pet oxygen masks donated to Seymour Fire Department


Invisible Fence of the Tennessee Valley is donating some pet oxygen masks to the Seymour Volunteer Fire Department (SVFD).

Project Breathe™ Program to Protect Animals from Smoke Inhalation


When there's a fire, people aren't the only ones affected by smoke inhalation. Sometimes their pets are too.

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